Hey lovely people!

I’m Laura, a 22 year old from Lancashire. I’m currently in my final year studying English Language at University of Manchester. I’m what I would describe as your average 20 something girl, without the patience for experimenting with new make up and hair styles each week. I like to spend most of my life in my pjs, browsing instagram and hanging out with my friends and family.

I have been considering doing a blog for a while now and today, I have been feeling quite low and decided that this is the perfect time to make it (soz exam revision)! My main motivation for blogging is to help myself find comfort with the condition I have been diagnosed with, if I can share my feelings and my daily experiences with Chronic Migraine then hopefully I can find others who are going through the same thing and begin to feel like I am not alone in this. I’m not good at talking so really I see having this as a way of getting everything out.

I am trying to refuse to let migraine rule my life and I don’t intend to focus my blog solely on it. I love anything food related, restaurants, cooking, grocery shopping… the list goes on. So prepare yourselves to be bombarded with what I have been eating! I am trying to go gluten free at the moment and cut out everything artificial from my diet, so no doubt I will be letting you know how that goes. I also like clothes, travel, reading (when I can) and pretty much anything Cath Kidston or shabby chic related. My family and friends are my everything. Oh and you will probs also see quite a few pictures of my baby sis, Tilly the Cavachon.

I’m not sure anyone will even read this, but here goes! If you do read this, THANK YOU please feel free to say hi!!!!

L xxxx



2 thoughts on “Welcome.

  1. Hi, love the blog but so sorry to hear you’ve got chronic migraine, that sucks! Please know you’re not alone, though I know it can feel like it at times. I find writing it all out definitely helps a bit, I hope it does for you too. How cute is Tilly?! Take care, Naomi x

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