Treatment plan.

Honestly, I’m quite new to this whole way of thinking, it’s pretty exciting but on the other hand scary and it is early days, but I have a friend who has turned her spoonie life round MASSIVELY through alternative therapy. Whilst I was at an appointment this week I managed to halve my pain, it might have only lasted for about an hour but that is the biggest relief I have had so far from anything! It might not be for everyone and many people are dismissive of it, and I do understand why, but I haven’t got anywhere with hospitals, doctors visits and medication changes. I come out of my 10 minute appointments in tears because I know I can’t go on like this, just keep trialling drugs and having no relief from the pain. The consultant shrugging their shoulders isn’t helpful. But now I have had a couple of appointments with a nutritionist and started having acupuncture I have found that both have made me feel positive. Like really, really positive! My consultations for both have lasted a couple of hours and the practitioners have taken an in depth look at so many things, you can’t understand why on earth they are asking some of the stuff they ask, but most importantly they have listened and understood that my life CANNOT go on like it is.


What I have decided to do is really quite complicated. Nutrition wise my first stop is some functional tests, they look at an unbelievable amount of things (vitamin deficiency, neurotransmitters, fatty acids, cellular energy, food allergies, toxic elements, oxidative stress etc etc). Apparently bad levels of these things can do crazy things to the body. I’m hoping the tests will show if there are any areas that I can work on rather than trying to do things by chance, but my nutritionist refuses to believe that a condition does not have an underlying cause, even if the underlying cause is different from person to person there is always going to be some reason why.


Acupuncture wise, apparently things aren’t straightforward and from my past medical history it sounds like there could be what Chinese medicine calls pathogens in my body that have been there for years due to having lots and lots of infections. My acupuncturist described it as a tree, I have chronic migraines on one branch and the extreme fatigue and weakness on the other branch and what she is doing now is attacking the root of the tree. Once the problem with the roots has been dealt with, the branches might resolve themselves or normal acupuncture might be able to treat my migraines if they still exist but in her eyes there is a much bigger picture than just chronic migraine.


I have decided to take control of my situation, and even if the benefits don’t prove to be groundbreaking I no longer want to have my health dictated to me by doctors who have little idea of what this is doing to me and how my life has changed. I am not under any illusion that my health is going to go from really shitty to perfect with the wave of a magic wand, but I do believe that what I am doing is going to help get me on the right path over time, so I can once again start making the most of my life, be successful, spend time with the people I love and go on adventures in my new little car with Tilly again.


L xxxx

(ps. this is all whilst taking my preventative medication of course)


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